two families of materials between innovation and tradition


Lightness and flexibility

EVA is the new project conceived by D.LAB, the creative house of Dami srl .
E.v.a. stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate, a copolymer plastic material realized for particularly light and elastic products. This material has found an innovative use even in the fashion world, taking advantage of its flexibility and versatility.
The Dami laboratory offers this material for their products, both in the footwear market for Men/Women and Children.

production capacity

2.3 mln



Softness and elasticity

Constant research has allowed Dami (removing DEGAM which is a brand, not a company) to be one of the first manufacturing companies to introduce TPU innovation in the production of bottoms for footwear. With the advent of TPU, a new era has been marked in the footwear sector, a ductile material with infinite potential: Resistance to hydrolysis - Softness and elasticity - High resistance to abrasion, greases and oils - Very good adhesion in overprinting on the leather - Wide range of colors. TPU soles represent one of the best innovations in the production of shoe soles, a material that simultaneously offers the best technical and aesthetic performance.

production capacity

4.2 mln


DLAB is Dami's R&D and creative house. It is designed for the development of materials and test models to support customers in pursuing the objectives of environmental sustainability, design and functionality of the soles. The DLAB analyzes, designs, builds prototypes up to the engineering and industrialization of the product. DLAB4.0 is the evolution of the Dlab. Equipped with 3D printers, it is able to customize the funds by simplifying traditional prototyping and significantly shortening the delivery times of products on the market.
Through DLAB4.0 you can free your creativity by experimenting with models and solutions that, although beautiful in the design phase, were in danger of being abandoned due to the high costs of implementation. The DLAB has the ambition to become a real research community. Since innovation is an attitude, it is open and shared. With the new web portal it is possible to view product previews in 3D and AR and request samples on demand.
Get inspired

Green and contemporary materials

Pro feet
comfort soles

Soft and elastic soles ideal for comfortable footwear.


Soles deriving from bio-based compounds

regenerated compound

Products deriving from the reuse of waste TR and TPU material


Products deriving for at least 20% from recycled footwear waste.

The Eva Bio resin helps to reduce greenhouse by CO2 capture and it has a minimum biobased content of 75% (according to our supplier)


The DAMI footprint is that of change, innovation and awareness-raising on issues relating to the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development; an action program signed by 193 UN member countries, a beacon and guide for a project of sustainable change and improvement.