Dami is inspired - every day - by the culture of continuous improvement

From product innovation, through continuous research, the use and experimentation of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, to process innovation with the introduction of the LEAN methodology up to organizational innovation that concerns people and the company climate.


DLAB is Dami's R&D and creative house. It is designed for the development of materials and test models to support customers in pursuing the objectives of environmental sustainability, design and functionality of the soles. The DLAB analyzes, designs, builds prototypes up to the engineering and industrialization of the product.


DLAB4.0 is the evolution of the Dlab. Equipped with the latest generation 3D printers, it is able to customize the bottoms and produce on demand any shape, size and color of the sole, simplifying traditional prototyping and significantly shortening the delivery times of products on the market.

3D Print

3D printing technology is based on the laser sintering of powders of composite materials. In the first stage of the printing process, a layer of powder is spread on the printing surface through rollers. Subsequently, a couple of lasers or even 4 lasers simultaneously outline the CAD geometries of the layer, solidifying only the sectors "hit" by the laser. The construction process of the prototype therefore takes place by "addition" of material, this means that the material necessary to obtain a given geometry settles layer by layer, guaranteeing extreme constructive freedom without the limitations given by undercuts, sharp edges or corners of draft not achievable with classic subtractive technologies.

Once the creation of the layer is completed, we move on to the next layer according to the same scheme. At the end of the process, the 3d model will be submerged in the powder of non-sintered material. Just remove the unused material to get to the 3D product. All the dust is recycled and put back into the process.

Green and contemporary materials

Pro feet
comfort soles

Soft and elastic soles ideal for comfortable footwear.


Soles deriving from bio-based compounds

regenerated compound

Products deriving from the reuse of waste TR and TPU material


Products deriving for at least 20% from recycled footwear waste.

The Eva Bio resin helps to reduce greenhouse by CO2 capture and it has a minimum biobased content of 75% (according to our supplier)
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