Focus on quality and the idea of ​​continuous improvement in terms of: product, process and people.

Low Waste

Promote savings in all its forms.


Adopt policies that respect the environment, but also employees, customers, suppliers, the community. In summary, all the stakeholders of the company.

Eco-Etichal Charter

Dami is the first company to adopt an Eco-Ethical charter. It is a summary document between the principles of the Code of Ethics and the corporate green policy. With the Eco-Ethics Paper, Dami has promoted a new corporate strategy "For better living", respectful of the environment, people and the community.


Social and Environmental Sustainability Report

The sustainability report is a document that the Organization draws up voluntarily to communicate in a transparent way to all stakeholders the performance not only economic, but also social and environmental. Through this reporting tool, the company intends to describe and report the annual results of the sustainability path.

The increasing integration between economic decisions and the assessment of their social and environmental impacts are the basis of the company's ability to create long-term value for all stakeholders.

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The green policy is for Dami innovation, a model of technological, economic, human and environmental development. Starting from product innovation, through the continuous research and use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, then moving on to process innovation with the introduction of the lean methodology up to organizational innovation that concerns people and the business climate.


Green actions:

  • ISO 14001 certification with the aim of developing a new business approach increasingly oriented towards efficiency, waste reduction, greater attention to the exploitation of natural resources
  • Social Report and Sustainability Report to communicate, in a completely voluntary and transparent manner, information on the social and environmental impact, as well as economic, of Dami towards its main stakeholders, in relation to the results achieved and the ways in which these have been prosecuted.
  • Adoption of a real-time monitoring system of energy consumption with the notification of alerts that reach the company information system, if anomalies occur
  • 100% Green
    Certificate issued by A2A which certified Dami 100% green for the use of energy from renewable sources
  • Adoption of eco-sustainable and fully recyclable materials
  • Replacement of traditional light bulbs with low consumption ones
  • Providing water bottles to company employees to avoid the use of plastic
  • Construction of a vertical warehouse where the molds are stored. It's used to move and recover the molds in extreme safety and without physical effort on the part of the operator, respecting the environment


Starting from the awareness that “I train while I work and I work while I train”, Dami has decided to give life to a real training course aimed at the continuous professional and personal improvement of its collaborators.
Because competent, constantly trained and motivated collaborators represent an added value to compete in an increasingly global market.

DFACTORY is - therefore - a physical and virtual space in which it is possible to do real training, aimed at acquiring technical skills and developing transversal skills.

DFACTORY is also made available to all stakeholders of the company in order to share LEARNING MARKETING, or marketing of knowledge, experience, to create culture on the production of soles for footwear with a renewed eco-sustainable sensitivity.

È una rete informale di imprese che si mettono insieme, in forma volontaria, per sviluppare sinergie in tema di economia circolare e transizione ecologica. Il dono è la filosofia alla base del green social club. Ognuno mette a disposizione quello che può gratuitamente nella logica di condividere e creare valore affinché si possa raggiungere un obbiettivo più alto per il bene comune, un futuro migliore.


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