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#DLAB: Athleisure – Get inspired


Straightly from the streetstyle, it combines formal wear and sportswear. Athleisure marks the new frontier of sporty-chic style and fully matches elegance, comfort, glamour, vivacity and dynamism.
A brand new term which can be easily identified as a paradox amongst the fashion world: not just a trend, something more. The future way of seeing the fashion style: a world surrounded by sneakers, exaggerated, new, reinterpreted, radical, cool.
So let’s mix and match sporty shoes with overcoats or sartorial trousers, silk blazers with a gym twist, leggings with stilettos, even tennis embroidered socks.

Athleisure is the new casual / Athleisure is the new chic


Get inspired by Dami collection –

Summer 2019 – DLAB project

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