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50th anniversary

We are the new female management of a family business, which has gone with passion through 50 years of history, believing in the value of the innovation. Half a century ago, our sole factory was born.
Today it has faced with an important generational change, carried on with tenacity, bravery and determination.
It is the result of a great teamwork, where each of us plays an essential role to meet the every-day challenges, leading the company to establish itself among the international market of the production of soles for footwear.
From the 60s until today, we have been steadily investing in research, technological development and design.
Today we produce high-innovation soles using EVA: a light material characterized by low density, high flexibility and versatility.
Investments and determination have encouraged us to enrich the territory where we work, we live and which, since ever, we have a strong link with. Different generations have done important choices for a common goal: Be a strong and solid company, which goes towards the future with energy and trust.

Since 50 years … DAMI


Dami is a company specialized in the production of shoe bottoms and mainly in funds for children’s footwear. A long half-century history that tells of Dami, born in the heart of Le Marche footwear district where 30% of the world soles and shoe bottoms production is made.

The company has grown day by day adapting to changes in an ever more immersive and international market, looking for the best technology and materials. This continuous study and updating enabled Dami to specialise in the production of shoe bottoms and soles in TR, TPU and EVA.
Many years of experience have led the company to be a strategic and timely supplier partner, able to ensure a high product customization and a great flexibility in managing the orders. Thanks to the active interior design and materials research, which is represented today by the creative house DLAB, the company gives its customers the possibility to realize exclusive products always supported by a customized design service.


The Degam department, represented by the dynamism and creativity of a group of young people formed in the footwear district of Marche, has focused its mission in producing soles for Women and Men.
The best technology to produce bottoms in thermoplastic materials and the continuous research have made sure that Degam was among the first companies in the world producing bottoms in TR, TPU and EVA.
Alongside these technologies, an internal modeling department works together with the creative house DLAB, continuously engaged in researching and developing new products and trends.
The recognized quality of Made in Italy, deriving from the special attention paid to every detail, is the brand recognition of Degam and offers the quality of a unique product.
Many internationally renowned companies have chosen Degam as a partner for their production, thus guaranteeing not only a supplier but a real collaboration and consultancy service for the creation and development of new models.