NEWS #Dami 50th Anniversary

NEWS #Dami 50th Anniversary


SANT’ELPIDIO A MARE – Established half a century ago by Alberto Catalini and Ennio Pieragostini, Dami S.r.L., leading company in accessories for shoes sector, is nowadays emblem of all-female generational handover. To its guide: Daniela, Elisa, Elisabetta and  Michela.

At the end of the 60s,  Alberto Catalini and Ennio Pieragostini founded the company in Sant’Elpidio a Mare, near Monte Urano. It is a flagship for Fermo province’s area; in 2018 it reaches a 50 year of history.

With a turnover of more than 16 million Euro, the company is an important entity for the territory of Fermo province, employing about 60 workers and many subcontractors.  A continuous reinforcement through investments, which get a continued growth, defying the latest serious economic crisis of its sector, too.

To the founder Alberto Catalini, died untimely, succeed his daughters Michela and Elisa. The founder Ennio Pieragostini, now 84 years old, instead, took the forward-thinking choice to do the generational handover, giving more space to his daughters Daniela and Elisabetta.

Nowadays, Dami srl has an all-female management, a feature that distinguishes this company; but always maintaining his origin as a family-run business, in fact three out of four owners’ husbands also work in the company.

Start to recall its 50 years, collecting the experiences of people, who lived the crucial phases of its development.

HISTORY | At the beginning, it was a leather-shearing workshop but in the 70s, the company started to produce Tpr outsoles for children and young for the local market. “The chosen to work with foreigner customers, in particular in Europe, is dated back to the 90s. – Daniela Pieragostini says- After the 2002 it created the brand Degam, for the production of men and women outsoles; until to develop one our extension branch, D-Lab, with a collection for men/women/children in EVA material.

A “PINK” COMPANY | Female entrepreneurship is a dare, we accepted with courage and determination thanks to the generational handover – says Elisabetta Pieragostini. It is a teamwork full of collaboration. Furthermore, being multitasking gives an additional value to the company. We represent three different generations; each of us has a specific role but we run the company all together to reach the same aim. We try to bring tradition and innovation together, even though the difficult economic period. However, we are ready to work hard to obtain satisfying results.

INNOVATION, RESEARCH AND TECNOLOGY | “Dami’s strengths – says Michela Catalini – have always been keeping up with the times, keeping in mind the continuous markets’ worldwide changes, modernizing and investing continually in research and technology. In last years, we created the brand D-Lab for R&D about new materials and in 2015, we invested in EVA material, a light material with low density, high flexibility and excellent characteristics. Throughout the year, we invest in design and research of new products.” Not only our company adapts to market’s needs, but also it choose to be creative: “We search constantly for new models, - Michela continues - and through this research, we are able to make suggestions to our customers. All this is possible thanks to D-Lab, our creative house.”

LOOKING AT THE WORLD | Since long, Dami has look at the international market. –sayes Elisa Catalini- We are a global company, we sell in more than 20 markets and we have two production plants in Russia and in Ethiopia and partnership in India and South America. Our sales network consists on a wide range of agent, in order to cover the global shoes industry market. Our company takes part to many fairs, both in Europe and abroad. Thanks to these, to our big set of samples and high production’s flexibility, we are able to satisfy and support our customers’ needs.

MORE SPACE, MORE SAFETY | Always in development, even on the point of view of factory’s indoor spaces. “We are realizing two vertical automated warehouses for more security, – says Elisabetta – where we’re going to collect all our moulds. We use them for the handling and taking of the moulds with higher safety: the operator recalls the needed moulds through computer.” One more key issue from the point of view of sustainability is the investment in solar panel, done about ten years ago.

A TERRITORY IN OUR HEART | During all these years, our company has strengthened the link with its local area. It supports many sports events and cultural associations; “we are proud to remember the vehicle given to the Blue Cross in the 90s and the medical car given to them in 2015”, as Daniela tells.

YOUNG PEOPLE ARE THE FUTURE | “The recommendation, I would give to new generations – concludes excitedly Ennio  Pieragostini, founder of Dami srl together with Alberto Catalini,– is to believe in what you do, to be determined and patient to achieve your goals.”

We are pleased to invite you to our stand for celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Da.Mi srl

25-27 SEPT. 2018
PAD. 24 - STAND U25-U29 / V26-V30

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